Corporate Mobility Policy Template

Lighting the Path to Successful BYOD Programs

This template provides a thorough framework on which to base any corporate mobility policy. Updated to include information on managing a BYOD mobility program, as well as best practices and end-user policies, this template will keep your company in check and your mobile employees productive.

This whitepaper gives you the information you need to understand and analyze how a BYOD program would fit inside your organization and then gives you the tactical information you need to act on those considerations.  This whitepaper is as beneficial for the IT department as it is the Finance department and C-suite as well.

Controlling the Cost
of Mobile Progress

This whitepaper tells you what you need to know to diligently keep up with industry developments and carefully watch over emerging employee demands and usage habits. Using this information, managers can ensure that their firm is ultimately harnessing the benefits of a mobilized workforce in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Proactive Mobile Strategy Starts with Visibility

This research paper was prepared by leading mobile industry analysts, Altimeter.  According to this research, an overwhelming number of companies are finding themselves dealing with mobility from a position of weakness. Discussions with many leading businesses revealed very insightful revelations about what's currently necessary for managing mobility– and what most companies are missing.

Few technology trends have impacted the office as quickly or pervasively 
as the influx of smartphones and tablets over the past two years. As these mobile devices have evolved to become a professional necessity, employees have changed where they work, when they work and how they work. Here are the five steps you need to undertake to get the most out of the new mobile work ethic.

Five Practical Tips for Getting Corporate Mobility Plans in Order

The Emerging Mobility Stack

Between the popularity and computing power of smartphones today and the surge of cloud services, the new reality is that employees expect to have access to all their data at any time, any place, on any device they choose. And that has big consequences for IT. Enter the new mobile stack.


How Mobility is Reinventing Sales, Marketing, and HR

The rapid expansion of smartphones and tablets in the modern workplace has raised several key questions for executives. What’s the business case for deploying hundreds or thousands of new devices to employees? Which department has the most to gain? Who should be funded first? Which features are most essential to employees?

A 4-Step Guide to Managing Mobile Misbehavior

Your employees are doing bad things with their phones and that's a fact. Only read this whitepaper if you want them to knock off the monkey business and want them to start using their phones like professional adults.

These four easy steps will ensure you've got a well behaved mobile workforce.

Ain't Misbehavin'



By 2020 M2M is projected to be a $1 trillion industry? Soon machine-to-machine communication over the wireless network will be impacting virtual every aspect of our personal and professional lives. While the possibilities are immense and unpredictable, you're already quite familiar with the technology.  Learn how to anticipate and manage the rise of the machines with this whitepaper.


Rise of the Machines


Wake Up to Mobility
Management Reality

We've seen quite a few mobility programs in our day and they all had one thing in common: they were hybrids. No matter how you slice it, you're going to see personal devices enter the workplace and there will always be reasons for a company to pay for mobility.

That's the reality. The question is: how is your company going to deal with it?